About Emmanuel Project

Our Mission

Emmanuel Project provides quality healthcare services to the underserved and vulnerable populations of Northeast Florida in a way that displays our love for our neighbors and honors God.

Treating the Underserved

The Emmanuel Project treats the underserved population of Northeast Florida by removing barriers to care. Mobile clinics will be deployed throughout Northeast Florida to serve at-risk populations to include children, homeless, and veterans.

By serving those unable to access care, the Emmanuel Project will reduce Emergency Department visits, improve population health, reduce readmissions in hospital systems, and improve access to care.

This model cares for the underserved and saves governmental and healthcare dollars for emergency care.

We are a a501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving Northeast Florida (Clay, Duval, and Saint Johns County).

Our Vision

  • Provide quality, gospel-centered medical care to patients without health insurance, who are low-income, who experience homelessness or housing insecurity, who face a litany of care access barriers that can be hazardous to patient health.
  • Mobile medical clinics and professional providers bring care directly to the patient, establishing a sense of trust among patients, community members that will revolutionize the way certain populations manage their health.
  • Establish community partnerships with local government, churches, and other charities (501C3s) serving the vulnerable population. Providing a “built-in” group of people who need healthcare and streamline access and accelerate adoption of the mobile medical clinic access point. 
  • Trusted advisor for these vulnerable populations to establish a sense of belonging in the mobile medical clinics.

Our Values

We are committed and obligated to provide the highest quality of care to all community residents in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We treat all patients with a truly caring attitude and are aware of the changing needs of the community and strive to be responsive to those needs. We embrace human differences as bonds, not barriers, and believe that quality health care should be universally accessible

  • Provide professional, accurate, reliable, medical services (PARS) 
  • Treat every individual with respect and professionalism
  • Deliver safe and secure medical care, dental care, behavioral health, and substance abuse counseling
  • Assess referral arrangement for large accounts
  • Bring the gospel to the underserved and vulnerable



Board of Directors

  • Vaughan Robison - Chairman
  • Mark Molzer - Executive Director & Member
  • Bonnie White, M.D. - Medical Director and Member
  • Lisa Franklin - Member
  • Peter Jensen - Member
  • Paul Black - Member